1 Mαρτίου

World Civil Defense Day
World Compliment Day
World Day of Prayer
World Seagrass Day
Zero Discrimination Day
International Women of Color Day
Endometriosis Awareness Day
National Pig Day
National Wedding Planning Day
Plan a Solo Vacation Day
Public Risk Management Awareness Day
Refired Not Retired Day
Self-Injury Awareness Day
Share a Smile Day
National Employee Appreciation Day
National Horse Protection Day

International Rescue Cat Day
World Teen Mental Wellness Day
National Old Stuff Day

World Hearing Day
World Wildlife Day

1/3 Παρασκευή
Ευδοκία, Παράσχος, Χαρίσιος, Χαρίσα

2/3 Σάββατο
Ευθαλία, Τρωάδιος, Τρωάδα

3/3 Κυριακή
Κλεόνικος, Κλεονίκη, Θεοδώρητος

quote of the day
“A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil.” – Victor Hugo

tip of the day